Possible Emotional Effects of Taking the hCG Hormone2016.11.28. // Uncategorized

The hCG diet is one of the most popular diets around the world. Many people have success in losing a lot of weight using the said diet plan. The diet’s premise is to eat only a few calories per day and introducing the hCG hormone into your body for a complete one-two punch when it comes to weight loss.

Although the hCG diet is doable, there are some possible side-effects. I said “possible” side-effects because not all people experience them, but they can be more common within a chosen demographic.

In this article, I am going to go through some possible emotional effects when taking the hCG hormone. Now, there are many ways to administer the hCG hormone into your body. You can either inject yourself with it or you can take homeopathic versions of the hormone such as the hCG diet drops or hCG diet Spray as examples.

Some people are emotionally resilient in that nothing can deter their well-being. But, since depression is one of the most prevalent psychological problems in the world, doctors are eager to know if the hCG diet can have negative implications on the well-being of the person.

So, let’s start by outlining the possible emotional effects of taking the hCG hormone when you’re on the hCG diet:

1. Depression- As mentioned earlier, depression is quite common and doctors want to know if there is a correlation between the hCG diet and depression itself. It turns out, there is a mild correlation to it. You see, some people resort to eating food when they are sad or depressed. That is what people normally call “comfort eating”. The hCG diet plan is strict when it comes to the amount of calories you can consume. When you’re in phase 2 of the hCG diet, for example, you’re only allowed to consume not more than 500 calories a day. People who resort to comfort eating to deter their emotional stresses may become irritable or more depressed because of this. If you have a history of depression, it is best to consult with your doctor first before embarking on your hCG diet journey.

2. Seclusion or Feeling Lonely- This is a sad fact about life: not all people want to be healthy. This is evident in people who have families that are either obese or fatter than normal. If their family has normal Body Mass Index, their friends might be the one pulling them down. Obviously, slimming down can have more positive effects than being fat. But, not all people share that drive to become healthy because, well, it is hard. If you’re going to go on a diet plan, especially the hCG diet, people might feel secluded or lonely because their family and friends might not be with them when they’re undergoing the hCG diet.

These are the most common emotional effects when taking the hCG hormone. One of them might not be directly related, but it is related somehow.

In the next article, I will share with you tips on how you can combat these emotional effects when embarking on your hCG diet journey.

Hyper R4i R4 3DS Card2016.04.18. // R4 3DS

R4 3DS cards increase the functionality of your Nintendo 3DS. Since its inception, a lot of manufacturers created their own R4 3DS cards in the hopes that people will love them. And it is the fact; a lot of people actually gravitate towards a specific brand of R4 3DS card.

Whether it is the premium cards such as the Gateway3DS and Sky3DS or one of the more inexpensive cards such as the R4i Gold, there is an R4 3DS card that caters for different Nintendo 3DS owners.

Although there are prominent R4 3DS cards already populating the market, there are also some new products that need to be brought to the spotlight.

In this article, we are going to talk about the Hyper R4i R4 3DS Card. This is a relative newcomer when it comes to R4 3DS cards. If you are a little bit late in joining a race, for example, you need to be sure that you’re well equipped so that you can still beat others. And that is evident in the Hyper R4i R4 3DS Card.

To know more about the Hyper R4i R4 3DS Card, here are its features:

  • Real-time language change with multi-language options i.e. Simplified Chinese, complicated Chinese, English, Japanese, German, Italian, French, Spanish and Dutch
  • Real-time skin change
  • Supports all the latest Nintendo Consoles DS, DSL, DSi, DSi XL
  • Files are transferrable via PC, PDA, Mobile phone or Camera
  • Sleep mode function
  • Supports Soft Reset mode
  • Supports Wi-Fi, rumble pack series and expansion browser
  • Auto-detects newly saved game and game types
  • Integrated Moonshell 2.10 beta version
  • Restores previously selected game after soft reset or restarting console
  • Easy to operate user interface
  • Saves files automatically to Micro SD card
  • Clean ROM and drag and drop capable for fast loading
  • Action replay cheats support
  • 100% game compatibility with Homebrew support
  • DLDI auto-patching
  • GUI easy to operate
  • Supports two file allocation systems, FAT16 and FAT32
  • Low-power consumption, sleep mode for longer standby time
  • Touchscreen operations with Double User interface display
  • Four-level brightness adjustment
  • Kernel firmware support
  • Protective case and a Micro SD/SDHC card writer/ reader included
  • Customizable graphics
  • Support download play
  • Multimedia support

There are some features that I really like about the Hyper R4i R4 3DS Card. For one, this R4 3DS card supports both FAT16 and FAT32 file systems. So, you can format your microSD card with either system and it will work without problems.

Also, when it comes to microSD storage capacity, this card supports up to 32GB of storage capacity. There isn’t anything special here since most R4 3DS cards nowadays can support this storage capacity and I think this is considered to be the “minimum” requirement if you will.

The Hyper R4i R4 3DS Card also has homebrew applications support with DLDI auto-patching, Moonshell Support, Action Replay support, and many more!

Being a relative newcomer, it is nice to know that the Hyper R4i R4 3DS Card is packed with features. And, with a price of only $23, nothing can beat this card at this price range.

OnePlus X2016.02.17. // Phones

The mobile phone company, OnePlus, is still quite new in the mobile phone niche. Since their first mobile phone, the Oneplus One, people were really ecstatic about it because it gives superb performance at a reasonable price.

OnePlus 2, the 2nd generation of their flagship phone lineup, didn’t live up to the expectations of consumers. So, they try to redeem themselves by offering another lineup of mobile phones. This time, they want to cater for the vast majority of consumers who are looking for a great mid-range, budget-friendly phone.

Today, we are going to talk about the OnePlus X. Does this new budget-friendly offering from OnePlus enough to sway people to buy their mobile phones?

The design aspect of the OnePlus X is different than their previous mobile phones. Although the OnePlus 2 took on the design of its predecessor, the OnePlus X took a unique approach.

The OnePlus X Android mobile phone comes with a luxurious looking back glass panel that truly gives a premium look to the phone. Unfortunately, like all other glass panels, it can be a really problematic finger-print magnet. The good thing, though, is that it can be cleaned easily by using a microfiber cloth.

There are half-inch bezels situated at the top and the bottom of the screen and it doesn’t have any physical buttons on the front display which provides a cleaner look. On the top of the display lies the front camera and a little bit on the right side of it lies the LED notification light.

The phone does have a metal frame which not only looks premium, it does feel premium as well. Now, you might think this phone is hard to hold for a prolonged period of time, but that is just not true. In fact, this mobile phone is quite nice and easy to grasp and it didn’t slip out of my hand at all.

The physical buttons such as the power and volume buttons are situated on the right side of the phone. The power button does sit below the volume rocker which can prove to be problematic for some because it is just a little bit low (at least, for me).

As for the phone’s display, the OnePlus X comes with a really nice 5-inch Full HD Display with a screen resolution of 1920×1080. Considering that this is a mid-range phone, the fact that the OnePlus X has a 1080p screen pretty much makes it a winner for me.

This mobile phone comes with Android Lollipop 5.1 right out of the box and it does provide a cleaner interface for the phone.

As for the specs, the OnePlus X comes with the Qualcomm Snapdragon 801 quad-core processor with clock speeds of 2.3GHz, an Adreno 330 GPU, and a whopping 3GB of RAM.

If you think that OnePlus opted for a cheaper camera sensor, then you’re wrong. It is wonderful to see a powerful 13-megapixel rear camera on this mobile phone. In fact, this phone’s camera is so powerful that it can support a resolution of 4128×3096. It doesn’t come with other camera technologies, though, but the quality of the captured shots is pretty much okay for the price.

And lastly, the OnePlus X mobile phone comes with a non-removable 2525 MaH battery. It is a little bit disappointing that you can’t remove the phone’s battery so that you can interchange them with other batteries, but I guess this is a drawback the company had to make.

Overall, the OnePlus X is a great mid-range phone. It only costs $250, and for the price, it comes with specs that rival even the premium mobile phones on the market.

Red Flames Motorcycle Fairings for the Yamaha 2006-2007 R62016.01.06. // motorcycle fairing

Do you own a Yamaha 2006-2007 R6 model? If so, you may want to have a very cool motorcycle fairings kit to complement its looks.

Today, we’re going to talk about the Red Flames Motorcycle Fairings for the Yamaha 2006-2007 R6.

Let’s first talk about its design and aesthetics. The Red Flames Motorcycle Fairings for the Yamaha 2006-2007 R6 sports a black and red color scheme. It is a 19-piece full motorcycle fairings kit that is able to protect your motorcycle from the elements, especially from air drag.

It is made of ABS plastic which is a common plastic used in most motorcycle fairings. People actually prefer using ABS plastic as opposed to any other material such as Fiber glass because ABS plastic is much lighter compared to Fiber glass. If you’re kind of worried about the durability, ABS plastic is actually quite sturdy. No wonder why a lot of companies use it in their motorcycle fairings kit.

The Red Flames Motorcycle Fairings for the Yamaha 2006-2007 R6 comes pre-drilled so you don’t have to do the drilling yourself. It also has an injection type mold, which is pretty common nowadays.

If you buy the Red Flames Motorcycle Fairings for the Yamaha 2006-2007 R6, you will also have an ABS heat guard to complement the motorcycle fairings kit. Heat guards protect you from the sun’s rays as it reflects it away from your face.

As far as aesthetics is concerned, you don’t really to put decals on it as it is pretty much very well made. It looks absolutely stunning and when you do install this on your Yamaha 2006-2007 R6, it will look like the motorcycle you see from MotoGP.

Since this is a complete fairings kit, it will completely cover your motorcycle, especially the delicate parts such as the fuel tank and engine.

So, what do people think about the Red Flames Motorcycle Fairings for the Yamaha 2006-2007 R6? Here are some customer reviews:

Alberto: “I bought a Yamaha 06-07 R6 from a friend of mine for a bargain price, but it looked bland for my tastes. Then, I came across the Red Flames Motorcycle Fairings for the Yamaha 2006-2007 R6 and I instantly became in loved with it. It’s a complete motorcycle fairings kit that is able to protect the motorcycle. I just love the design because it looks absolutely killer. The installation was easy as the motorcycle fairings comes pre-drilled with holes. The only problem I had, was that it doesn’t come with the necessary mounting equipment. Still, I really love this motorcycle fairing.”

Serge: “This motorcycle fairings kit looks amazing and the build quality is topnotch. It is really well-made and I had no problems installing this fairings kit. I loved the fact that it came with an ABS heat guard as it really complemented the motorcycle fairings kit. All in all, I recommend this motorcycle fairings kit.”

The Red Flames Motorcycle Fairings for the Yamaha 2006-2007 R6 is an amazing motorcycle fairings kit. If you have a Yamaha 2006-2007 R6 model, definitely consider buying this one.

This motorcycle cycle fairings kit retails at $640.

How to Choose the Right type of Motorcycle Fairing for you2015.11.18. // motorcycle fairing

Motorcycle fairings are attachable shells that protect your motorcycle from air resistance. It also provides an awesome look to your motorcycle as well, which is why a lot of people are getting one for their ride.

But, if you’re still new to this, you must know a few key things before buying your motorcycle fairing. The first thing you need to know is the brand of your motorcycle. You see, not all fairings fit on all motorcycles. Fairings can only fit from a variety of motorcycles and you have to know if that particular fairing you had your eyes on will fit perfectly on your bike.

fairings-motorcycleThe second thing to note, there are many types of motorcycle fairings out there. There are fairings that are suitable for motorcycle racers, and there are also fairings that suit for the general public as well. For the scope of this article, we will focus on the motorcycle fairings that is fit for the masses.

Some popular types that are quite common nowadays are:

  1. Bikini Fairing
  2. Half Fairing
  3. Full Fairing

Let’s find out more information about each fairing. The Bikini Fairing dated back in the 70s and 80s. This fairing usually consists of a windscreen that provides adequate wind protection for the rider. If you own a Ducati, you can get the Bikini fairing for your motorcycle to give it a classic look.

Next is the half-fairing. The half-fairing is a more common choice than the full fairing because it gives you enough room for more customization. The Half Fairing starts from the front to help with wind resistance, and it extends way into the back. But, it doesn’t cover the entire motorcycle and some parts will still be exposed (like the engine casing for example).

Last is the Full Fairing. The Full Fairing is commonly used in motorcycle racing because it provides not only an aesthetic edge, but also enough protection the motorcycle needs in order to combat the rigors of racing.

Although, this fairing is quite popular in motorcycle racing, it can also be used for private motorcycles as well. This provides the maximum protection for your motorcycle above all the other types of motorcycle fairings.

When choosing a motorcycle fairing for your own bike, you have to think about the reasons why you’re buying one. Is it just for the aesthetics? Is it for protection? Or, is it for future-proofing? Answering these questions will help you narrow down your choices, and it will ultimately lead you to the type of fairing you want to install for your motorcycle.

So in summary, choose the Bikini fairing if you want to give your motorcycle a classic look. Opt for the Half-fairing if you want to customize your bike even more by adding additional motorcycle parts such as crash bars and bash plates. And, you can go for the full-fairing to give you the maximum protection against the wind, rain and other dangerous elements.

Different styles of motorcycle fairings2013.11.12. // motorcycle fairing

When looking at motorcycle fairings, you’ll find two basic types, compression molding and injection molding. Both will have a similar look and may be difficult to tell apart, but the methods in which the fairings were put together are quite different. This is important because depending on the type of motorcycle you have, selecting the proper molding for your fairings can make a considerable difference in the time it takes to apply them to your bike.

What is Compression Molding?

Basically, compression molding is where the material is first pre-heated and then placed into a heated mold. At this point, the mold is then closed and compressed. motorcycle_fairing The compression forced the material to come into contact with the mold and take its shape. The heat and pressure are continually applied until the molding process is completed.

Compression molding is quite popular because it is fairly quick and effective. Many motorcycle fairing manufacturers prefer compression molding because they can produce a high number of molds quickly and for complex molds, it works quite well.

What is Injection Molding?

Unlike material that is poured into the mold, this process injects the material instead. The material that is used is first poured into a heated barrel and then mixed with other properties before being injected into the mold itself. Once injected, the material then cools and hardens to the shape of the mold.

This process generally uses molds that are crafted from steel or aluminum which are then precision-machined into the exact shape the mold is desired. Because the steel or aluminum is far stronger than the mold material itself, they can be used a considerable number of times. In fact, proper maintenance and cleaning will keep these molds useful for quite some time.

Injection molding is often used for a wide variety of parts from very small pieces to large body panels for vehicles. It is a safe, reliable process of making fairings for motorcycles.

Compression vs. Injection Molds

The actual physical quality of the mold will be determined by the mixture of materials that were used, at least in terms of durability and ruggedness. However, in terms of accuracy, injection molding is generally far more accurate. In fact, injection molding is roughly 98% accurate in terms of fittings which is the standard for factories.

However, injection molding also costs more as well. The process is not quite as quick or efficient as compression molding. Generally speaking, if you have the time to reshape and perfect the fitting of your fairing, then you can save money by choosing those that were compression molded. If you like the fitting to be nearly accurate with little in the way of work, then injection molding is for you. Consider however that with many older bikes, only compression fitting molds are available which will naturally limit your choices.

Overall, both methods have their advantages and disadvantages that will come down to what exactly you want and how much you will be willing to pay for it.